The 2012 Melbourne By-Election

Vote Climate on the 21st of July

Our climate is getting hotter and more extreme.

Victoria needs clean, renewable energy to replace our dirty coal-fired power stations such as Hazelwood.

But Ted Baillieu’s government is doing the opposite, trashing solar and wind programmes and supporting new coal power stations and exports.

On 21 July, send Ted Baillieu a message by voting for candidates who are committed to:

  • Closing Australia’s dirtiest coal power station, Hazelwood, by 2016;
  • Opposing all new brown coal allocations and all brown coal exports;
  • Ending logging of Victorian old-growth forests; and
  • Opposing the east/west toll road and using the money for public transport instead.

Vote Climate is made up of independent community groups. We are working together to inform voters about the climate change policies of the parties and candidates so that you have the information you need to make the right decision when you vote. Our basic scorecard is below and you can see the analysis for all 16 candidates in the candidate analysis section.

Our conclusion is that Adrian Whitehead is the best candidate running in this by-election, with Cathy Oke from the Greens second. Make your vote count by voting for a safe climate future.

The Vote Climate campaign is a collaboration of community climate groups including Darebin Climate Action NowINC3, Yarra Climate Action Now and Climate Action Moreland.

We’d love you to join us.